Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KayCee-chan's full Intro

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  •  Full name:Kristal Mae Linao-Dinopol
  • Japanese Name:Matsumoto Kaguya(hoping to have this name)
  • Nickname:Kaycee-chan,Krim,Tala
  • Age:19 years old
  • Birthday:November 03,1990
  • Zodiac Sign:Scorpio 
  • Location:Caloocan,Philippines 
  • School:Quezon City Polytechnic University
  • Course:Bachelor of  Science in Information Technology(BSIT)
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  • loves to read books especially manga and recipe books
  • hates to wait and others wait for me (time is really precious desu yo!) 
  • moody type (sweet now mad later)
  • loves to analyze (influenced by L Lawliet and Kudou Shinichi)
  • "LittleWolf & CherryBlossom" are english translations of "Syaoran" and "Sakura",characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
  • Chocolates are my "partner" while on an anime marathon
  • dreams to cosplay Kinomoto Sakura or Anya Alstreim
  • my favorite quotation:"A person can change because of a meeting" by Ichihara Yuuko of "XxxHolic"
  • Currently falling in love to Matsuyama Kenichi (he is L in DeathNote Live-Action series).I really really like him ^_^
  • planning to take a tour to Nihon-kokku(Japan) to buy anime merchandise and to see my favorite anime voice actors
  • planning to meet my anime friends and my sisters(Chi-chan,Lorena,Keira and Yuriko)
  • I like people who are honest,and has an anime taste
  • and I really hate people who always taking things for granted,backstabbers and spoiled brats
  • practicing Japanese language,.kindly hard ^_^
  • ultimate goal is to finish my studies
  • more interested on bishounen genres,go anime boys!
  • still on the recovering stage after the sudden loss of my mom.
  • 40 percent invaded to K-pop ^_^
  • can create a novel or a script,according to my mood.

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             Favorites ^_^
                     Anime Shows           
  •  Tsubasa Chronicles
  • Code Geass:Lelouch of the Rebellion
  • Death Note
  • Bleach
  • XxxHolic
  • CardCaptor Sakura
  • Eyeshield 21
  • FullMetal Alchemist
  • ToraDora! 
         Anime Characters/Japanese Celebrities
  • Syaoran
  • Hitsugaya Toushirou
  • L Lawliet/Ryuuzaki
  • Near/Nate River
  • Kururugi Suzaku
  • Mello/Mihael Keehl
  • Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero
  • Syaoran Li
  • Edward Elric
  • Roy Mustang
  • Watanuki Kimihiro
  • Yagami Light
  • Fujiwara Tatsuya
  • Matsuyama Kenichi
  • Kobayakawa Sena
  • Yamaguchi Kappei
  • Takasu Ryuuji 
  • Kudou Shinichi/Edougawa Konan 
  • Princess Sakura
  • Euphemia Li Britannia
  • C.C
  • Anya Alstreim
  • Amane Misa
  • Ichihara Yuuko
  • Makino Yui
  • YUI
  • Sakamoto Maaya
  • Touda Erika 
  • Aisaka Taiga
  • Kawashima Ami
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   Thank you so much for reading my short self-introduction ^_^

there are tons of things I like to say but when I'm on the screen I cannot type what it is
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domo arigato gozaimashita
otsukaresama desu *bows*
    10th Squad
the first 4 pictures aligned are my top 4 anime guy favorites,while the next 4 were my secondary anime crushes